Urban Design, Lighting & Furniture

The city life can take its toll on citizens, this is why it is important to design the city in a way that appeals to the masses. Outdoor design not only gives a chance for designers to showcase their work but it can also be a source of solace and happiness of the citizens. The city should therefore be designed through the collaboration of urban planners and renowned landscapers, urban lighting companies and furniture gurus. What are the different aspects of city planning and why is it very important?

Extra information about urban lighting


When you are in a beautiful environment, your moods tend to be higher and better. This is why the landscape in any city needs to be top notch. The landscape includes the design of the corridors and passage way, the vegetation that may be in place and how these two intermarry to give an outstanding city. Vegetation is important since it helps in purifying the air by riding it of carbon dioxide. Remember that cities are the greatest produces of carbon dioxide given the high population coupled with the high level of industrialisation and use of machinery.

Outdoor furniture

These offer an opportunity for people to rest before they continue with their journey, to check up on their families or businesses before they continue with their day to day activities, enjoy their lunch and tea time breaks, check out their emails and messages in between a busy day and many more. Outdoor furniture should not only be fascinating but it should also be practical for the environment. Given exposure to harsh climatic conditions, it is essential for the furniture to be protected from climatic elements or be made from favourable materials such as concrete or steel. The furniture could include seating space with appropriate table tops.


Well lit cities are not only scenic but they are also more likely secure than those that are not. There is no reason why city lighting should be boring and normal. This is an important way for lighting companies to showcase their products to potential buyers. The lighting should be designed for functionality, durability and security. Remember that the lighting could be powered both from the electricity grid and solar power to minimise the amount of money required to maintain them. The lights are exposed to a lot of sunlight especially during summer. There is an opportunity for all outdoor lights to have a solar panel to power them during such periods. This also contributes to a sustainable and clean environment through efficient utilisation of energy.